1. Web Services Integration – ServiceNow
  2. What is integration?
  3. Type of Integration
  4. Basic Requirements for Integrate any system
  5. Integration Testing Tools
  6. Integration Module
  7. Inbound Integration
  9. Table API Web Service – REST
  10. Direct web services – SOAP
  11. Import Set Web Service – SOAP
  12. Import Set API – REST
  13. Scripted Web Services – SOAP
  14. Scripted Web Services – REST
  15. SOAP Message – Outbound
  16. REST Message – Outbound
  17. ServiceNow to ServiceNow Incident Integration
  18. OAuth 2.0 Authentication
  19. ServiceNow – OAuth application connect
  20. Access Token VS Refresh Token

Import Set API – REST

Using Rest message also we pass data from import set to target table.

We can put all kind of validation that we have put using SOAP message.

Both SOAP & REST works similar method. Both the method data first store to import set then using transform map from import set to target table.

We can put all kind of data validation in our transform map, transform map is the medium to move to from staging table to the arget table.

Below Methods are available:

  1. Create a record in an Import Set staging table – POST
    • https://<instance>.service-now.com/api/now/import/{stagingTableName}
    • Data
  2. Insert Multiple Records from same request – POST
    • https://<instance>.service-now.com/api/now/import/{stagingTableName}/insertMultiple
    • Data
  3. Retrieve an Import Set record – GET
    • https://<instance>.service-now.com/api/now/import/{stagingTableName}/{sys_id}

All the method quickly available in REST API Explorar:

Example cURL for Insert Import Set API:

curl "https://dev105176.service-now.com/api/now/import/u_problem" \
--request POST \
--header "Accept:application/json" \
--header "Content-Type:application/json" \
--data "{\"u_problem_statement\":\"Soap message 12.\",\"u_configuration_item\":\"abc\",\"u_description\":\"soap message 12.\"}" \
--user 'admin':'admin'

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