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IT Operations Management (ITOM) in ServiceNow

What is ITOM:

IT Operations Management (ITOM) refers to the set of processes, tools, and techniques used to manage and optimize the IT infrastructure and operations of an organization. ITOM includes the management of hardware, software, networks, and data centers, as well as the processes and procedures required to ensure the availability, performance, and security of IT services.

The ITOM applications include:

  1. ServiceNow Discovery: This application helps in discovering and mapping the IT infrastructure and its dependencies. It automatically detects the configuration items (CI) and creates a comprehensive map of the IT environment.
  2. ServiceNow Service Mapping: This application builds upon ServiceNow Discovery and provides a more detailed view of the dependencies between the various components of an IT service. It helps in identifying the root cause of issues and automates the resolution process.
  3. ServiceNow Orchestration: This application allows organizations to automate routine IT tasks, such as software installation, configuration changes, and service restarts. It can also integrate with external systems and tools to automate end-to-end processes.
  4. ServiceNow Event Management: This application helps in identifying and prioritizing IT incidents by correlating events from multiple sources. It provides real-time insights into the health of IT services and enables proactive problem management.
  5. ServiceNow Operational Intelligence: This application provides advanced analytics and visualization capabilities to help organizations gain insights into their IT operations. It leverages machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies and predict issues before they occur.
  6. ServiceNow Cloud Management: This application provides a centralized view of the cloud infrastructure and helps in managing the cost, compliance, and security of cloud resources. It supports multiple cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

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