1. ServiceNow Basic Frequent Question
  2. ServiceNow Core Frequent Question
  3. ServiceNow ITSM Frequent Question
  4. ServiceNow Service Portal Frequent Question
  5. ServiceNow Integration Frequent Question
  6. Scripting- Array

ServiceNow Basic Frequent Question

  1. Which ServiceNow version are you working?
    • Utah, Venchar, or any latest version
  2. What is ServiceNow?
    • ServiceNow is a cloud-based ITSM tool. Please check the below URL before attending a service-now interview.

Common Topics:

  1. Client Script, UI Policy, Data Policy, UI Script
  2. Business Rule, Script Include, Script Action
  3. Event, Notification, System Property
  4. Service Catalog, Variable, Variables Set, User Criteria
  5. ACL, Table Level ACL, Fields Level ACL
  6. Dictionary & Dictionary Override
  7. Update Set Movement & System Clone
  8. GlideRecord, GlideSecure, GlideAjax, GlideAggregate

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