1. Web Services Integration – ServiceNow
  2. What is integration?
  3. Type of Integration
  4. Basic Requirements for Integrate any system
  5. Integration Testing Tools
  6. Integration Module
  7. Inbound Integration
  9. Table API Web Service – REST
  10. Direct web services – SOAP
  11. Import Set Web Service – SOAP
  12. Import Set API – REST
  13. Scripted Web Services – SOAP
  14. Scripted Web Services – REST
  15. SOAP Message – Outbound
  16. REST Message – Outbound
  17. ServiceNow to ServiceNow Incident Integration
  18. OAuth 2.0 Authentication
  19. ServiceNow – OAuth application connect
  20. Access Token VS Refresh Token

Access Token VS Refresh Token

Access Token:

A secure string that a client uses to access protected resources. An instance issues access tokens to clients that have a valid authorization grant. Each access token has a specific scope, lifespan, and other attributes.

Refresh Token:

A credential that a client uses to obtain new access tokens without requiring additional user authorization. An instance issues a refresh token to a client when it is first authorized to have an access token.

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