1. Web Services Integration – ServiceNow
  2. What is integration?
  3. Type of Integration
  4. Basic Requirements for Integrate any system
  5. Integration Testing Tools
  6. Integration Module
  7. Inbound Integration
  9. Table API Web Service – REST
  10. Direct web services – SOAP
  11. Import Set Web Service – SOAP
  12. Import Set API – REST
  13. Scripted Web Services – SOAP
  14. Scripted Web Services – REST
  15. SOAP Message – Outbound
  16. REST Message – Outbound
  17. ServiceNow to ServiceNow Incident Integration
  18. OAuth 2.0 Authentication
  19. ServiceNow – OAuth application connect
  20. Access Token VS Refresh Token

Import Set Web Service – SOAP

ServiceNow already create OOB Import Set Web Service that can create record to Computer, Location, Notification- Incident & User Record.

We can create webservice by create new module under inbound module, that lid to create new webservice, import set & transform map. Also, we can define target table so that once record created to import set via webservices, using transform map data transform to target table.


  1. How can we validate Configuration Item that third-party passing is the correct one?
    • We can mark the field map choice action to ignore/rejected based on the use case for cmdb_ci.
  2. How can we make mandatory Configuration Item a mandatory parameter?
    • Transform maps have a choice called Enforce Mandatory fields, which you can select based on the use case.
  3. How can we show custom error message? i.e – Problem Statement should start with Soap message?
    • We can check Run Script in the transform map. Using also transform map script we can stop this validation. In the run script, we need to put the below sample code to stop this.
var ps = source.u_problem_statement;
	if(ps.startsWith('Soap message') == true){
		// do nothing
		error = true;
		source.sys_row_error ="Problem Statement should starts with SOAP";
		source.sys_import_state_comment="Problem Statement should starts with SOAP";

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