1. ServiceNow Scripting
  2. ServiceNow Scripting Objects
  3. ServiceNow Scripting API
  4. Client Script Requirement
  5. Business Rule Requirments
  6. Inbound Action
  7. Requirement Sheet
  8. Only Admin should be able to see Resolution Information tab
  9. From P3 & P4 user can’t derectly set to P1 but from P2 they can set P1
  10. Directly P1 Incident can’t be created
  11. Child Incident should close once parent Problem close
  12. Populate list type of fields in servicenow in Incident Form
  13. For Critical Priority, font will be bold and background will be red
  14. Create a field on Incident form called Expected Data, if incident move to Pending this date will be add 7 days from current date

Inbound Action

ServiceNow Inbound email actions is a configuration which tells that how and what your ServiceNow instance will respond, when it receives email from user.

Below code can be used :

  1. email.origemail – to get email of user
  2. email.body_text – to get complete email body
  3. email.body.priority – to get priority from email body
  4. email.subject – to get email subject from mail
  5. email.from – to get email id from email
  6. email.importance – to get email importance flag

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