1. Service Portal Introduction
  2. Service Portal Training Content
  3. Service Portal Object
  4. Portal Backend Structure
  5. Portal Module & Element
  6. Service Portal Configuration
  7. Build a new Portal
  8. Create Header Menu
  9. Data Preview from Server Side to HTML
  10. HTML Basic
  11. Get Incident Data & Show in a table
  12. Call HTML to Client Script
  13. Call Server Side Script for Action
  14. ServiceNow OOB Widget Provide for Portal
  15. Javascript popup VS SPModal
  16. spUtil – Client Dependency Service Portal
  17. Widget Embedded
  18. Send data from one widget to another
  19. GlideSPScriptable API on Server Side
  20. Angular Template
  21. $location, $timeout, $uibModal & $watch Services
  22. Use HTTP Service or REST Call on ServicePortal
  23. Angular Directive & Angular Filter
  24. Create a custom list widget with pagination, order, and filter
  25. ServiceNow Custom Component(Reference & Date Fields) in Service Portal
  26. Localization
  27. Create Own Theme
  28. Angular Provider & Dependency
  29. Service Portal Additional Details

Service Portal Training Content

  • Service Portal Basic
  • Portal Configuration, login page, menu, them
  • Branding Editor
  • HTML Basic
  • Bootstrap Basic
  • Page creation, create widget, connect widget into page, show incident details in widget.
  • Angular basic and directive, filter
  • Widget data communication between client to sever. Client functions call
  • Widget real time refrsh, client side to server side call
  • Option schema, widget reusable
  • Send Data from one widget to another (breadcrumbs, broadcast and emit)
  • Angular Services (http, timeout, windows etc)
  • $SP, $watch, $uibModal, spUtil etc inbuilt service
  • Angular Provider (Custom directive and services) & angular Template

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