ServiceNow Scripting With Example

We will learn how to develop scripts in ServiceNow with numerous real-time problems and solutions in this series. We will also talk about which settings and scripts we need to use.

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Day 3: Before Business Rule with Glide Record

We have one problem under which we have multiple incidents when problem gets resolved then the child incident gets resolved automatically. This means when parent get resolved the child incident, should get resolved or closed automatically.

Day 4: UI Action in Incident Form

Create a button called Closed My Incident on incident form, so when user click on that button incident will be resolved or close with correct resolution code. This UI action only visible in new state and is created by the user

Day 5: GlideAjax for Incident Form in ServiceNow

GlideAjax for Incident Form in ServiceNow Today I will talk about below requirements: On incident form we have caller field which is an reference field i want to create 4 more field which is in read only i.e. his Mobile Number,Email id, First Name, Last name. When ever we select the caller, it will autopopulate the above calller details.(using Glideajax and script include)

Day 6: Transform Map & Source Script in ServiceNow

Transform Map & Source Script in ServiceNow Today I will talk about below requirements: how to write transform script to import cmdb data into its child tables for example: i have 10 records with different cmdb classes but in my transform map my target table is cmdb ci (parent) now i want to write a script where all the records inserted into respected class tables.

Day 7: Fix Script & setWorkflow(false) in ServiceNow

I need to update the bulk records like cancel, resolve with some work notes with setWorkflow(false);

Day 8: Client Side & Server Side UI Action | gsftSubmit | ServiceNow

Can you make a scenario that when can we use client side and server side ui action

Day 9: Scheduled Job in ServiceNow

I have managers group–contains 50 users.I want to check all users are currently managers of any group?.If yes retain them in managers group.else remove them.this should be happen once in a week.

Day 10: Inbound Email Action in ServiceNow

n need to create inbound action, when ever the instance receive the email it need to create change request. The body of the mail contains server details and we need to compare the details with Excel sheet which is provided by the account team(the Excel sheet is not present in ServiceNow)

Day 11: Reference Qualifier in ServiceNow

Group have role, once user added to group user automatically inserted this role. Once group inactive all members should remove that role.

Day 12: OnLoad Client Script | Glide User

Populate current logged in user name in incident from if their is no value

Day 13: OnChnage Client Script in ServiceNow

In Problem table, if priority is P2 show a info message or error message.

Day 14: GlideDateTime | addDaysUTC | ServiceNow

Create a field on Incident form called Expected Data, if incident move to Pending this date will be add 7 days from current date

Day 15: GlideDateTime | Subtract | gs.datediff | ServiceNow

Normal change request, planned start date can’t be less than 3 days from now.

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